Nepal Tea: Discover the Hidden Gem of the Himalayas

Nepal Tea: Discover the Hidden Gem of the Himalayas

Hidden in the Himalayas, a rare gem awaits your discovery. Though a relative newcomer to the speciality tea scene, Nepalese tea has developed a devoted and passionate following amongst tea enthusiasts.

Jeni Dodd will be giving a presentation on Nepalese tea at Tea & Coffee World Conference 2019.

Born and raised in America’s heartland, Jeni Dodd has journeyed far from the plains of Kansas to remote tea-growing regions throughout the world in search of the perfect cup of tea. The owner of Jeni Dodd Tea, a company dedicated to importing hand-crafted, unique specialty teas and offering tea education for groups and events, Jeni seeks to expand the public’s awareness of the speciality tea market.

Over the last decade, Jeni Dodd has dedicated and committed herself to acquiring as much possible knowledge about the tea industry, tea culture and tea processing. She is a Certified Tea Specialist through the Specialty Tea Institute and has completed all of STI’s Level IV courses offered to date. She earned a Certified Tea Master designation from the International Tea Master’s Association.

As well as World Tea Expo, Australian Tea Cultural Seminar and the World Tea Brewing Championships, Jeni was a guest speaker at Nepal’s International Tea Day and Nepal’s 3rd International Tea Festival. As a firm believer in trade – not aid as means to propel Nepal from poverty, Jeni currently trains Nepalese farmers and producers on the successful marketable quality and flavor profiles empowering competition in the global market.

Commenting on her presentation, Jeni says: “Together we will take a journey to the highest peaks in the world to uncover the exceptional and singular teas of Nepal. We will discuss the culture and history of Nepal and how this has informed the tea of this land. We will learn why the unique geographic characteristics of this country create a growing environment that cannot be found anywhere else in the world resulting in a treasure in each sip.

Please join me in discovering the rare and unique teas of Nepal.”

Jeni will be speaking at Tea & Coffee World Conference on the 24th September. To book to attend, register here or email Charlie for information.

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