Cup of Excellence® to hold cupping of 2018 winners at Tea & Coffee World Cup

Cup of Excellence® to hold cupping of 2018 winners at Tea & Coffee World Cup

Tea & Coffee World Cup is very pleased to announce that the Alliance for Coffee Excellence will be attending the event this year with the winners of the 2018 Cup of Excellence – the premier coffee competition and auction worldwide.

Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious competition and award for high quality coffees. The level of scrutiny that Cup of Excellence coffees undergo is unmatched anywhere in the speciality coffee industry. Each year, thousands of coffees are submitted for consideration, with winning coffees sold in global online auctions at premium prices, with the vast majority of auction proceeds going to the farmers.

The competition is rigorous, with cupping evaluations conducted over a three-week process by industry experts: first by a National Jury of about a dozen qualified jurors from the origin country, and then by an International Jury, comprised of approximately 20-25 experienced jurors from around the world.

The Alliance will be holding a cupping session of the winners from both Burundi and Rwanda competitions. Please see workshop description below:

Exploring 2018 Cup of Excellence® Winners – Rwanda and Burundi
Calling all Cuppers! Bring your Love of Excellence.. 

This exciting 2-hour session will offer attendees the very first public cupping of winners from both Burundi and Rwanda competitions.  
Explore and share the nuances and flavor profiles from high quality micro-lots each with a own unique story from their producers and washing stations
Come learn about what it takes to win a Cup of Excellence, its quality standards, its auctions, it’s impact, its future and how you too can join the world’s premier coffee competition and auction.
Space is limited- Register Early,
The workshops will be run by none other than a founder of the Cup of Excellence competition – Susie Spindler.
Cup of Excellence® to hold cupping of 2018 winners at Tea & Coffee World Cup


Susie Spindler was a Founder of the Cup of Excellence® competition and auction program in 1999 and was Executive Director of The Alliance for Coffee Excellence(AC

E)-the non-profit organization that owns Cup of Excellence until 2015. She was asked to return as Executive Director in early 2016 and guided the program until 2017.  She is now an Executive Advisor and honorary board member of ACE.  Spindler began her career in coffee at a time when soft drinks were the beverage of choice in the morning and coffee was barely identified by country and almost never by farm or variety.  At that time she created several successful coffee programs for the International Coffee Organization that helped jump start specialty coffee in the USA.  She has also been a founder and marketing director of an endangered wildlife facility, president of a small advertising agency and heavily involved in consumer product marketing research. She holds a graduate degree in international marketing and management

If you would like to register for this session please register to the event or log in to your account using this link – then book into the workshops.

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