The War on Plastic

The War on Plastic

A war on plastic has been declared, and tea bags are the next culprit to be brought to light by the media. To many people’s surprise, tea bags are not 100% biodegradable.

Union Papertech, who will be exhibiting with Purico Filtration Paper, has set a plan to research viable alternatives to this problem, and will offer its findings to customers upon request in the summer of 2018, just in time for Tea & Coffee World Cup.

Although there is only a small amount of plastic in each teabag, the amount of plastic waste accumulated overall is huge. According to the UK Tea and Infusions Association, teabags account for 96% of the 165 million cups of tea drunk every day in the UK.

There will be a number of companies at Tea & Coffee World Cup this year who will be available to discuss this topic and offer alternate options. Union Papertech, a UK-based filter paper manufacturing company, confirms that its Heat Seal and Superseal tea filter papers are currently neither 100% biodegradable nor 100% compostable.

In most cases, heat sealable teabag paper is made up of a mixture of around 75% biodegradable raw materials and the remainder is a thermoplastic, such as polypropylene, which is used to create the ‘seal’ which bonds the paper together. In real terms, this means that Union Papertech’s finished teabags are still made up of over 98% biodegradable materials.

Union Papertech will also be discussing this topic in the Tea & Coffee World Cup Conference at the exhibition in September. The company will be exhibiting on stand C15, so visit them to find out more. Visitor registration will be live in March, don’t miss out.

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  1. Mike Armitage says:

    You say in the above piece that “a war on plastic has been declared, and tea bags are the next culprit to be brought to light by the media”.
    In fact, I am the campaigner who brought it to the attention of the UK media just before Christmas when my campaign was reported on by the Sunday Times, the Daily Post, BBC News online, BBC Radio and ITV Wales.
    I managed to get over 230,000 signatures to my petition which was instrumental in persuading Unilever/PG to stop using thermoplastics in its teabags. I have just launched a new petition to tackle the rest of the teabag manufacturers.

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