Tea & Coffee World Cup Singapore – Post Show Review

Tea & Coffee World Cup Singapore - Post Show Review

Tea & Coffee World Cup Singapore – post show review

Singapore played host to Tea & Coffee World Cup for the third time. This year’s show offered many new elements and changes.

The 2017 Tea & Coffee World Cup Exhibition & Symposium took place in Singapore, 26-28 September at Singapore Expo. The show – the 22nd one – was the first exhibition organized by Bell Publishing since it acquired TC World Cup along with Tea & Coffee Trade Journal and the Ukers’ Coffee & Tea Directory and Guide in 2016.

Bell Publishing implemented a variety of changes to TC World Cup including an opening ceremony highlighting Singaporean culture, a welcome reception for exhibitors the evening of the opening day, a Gold Lounge for T&CTJ subscribers, and a lecture segment (in addition to the interactive coffee and tea workshops).

Presenters featured in the new lecture segment included: Tony Lin from the Lugu Farmers Association of Taiwan, who spoke about specialty tea production in Taiwan, with a focus on oolong tea; Dr Stefan Schenker of Buhler AG, who discussed “The Craft and Science of Roasting”; and Daniela Nowitzki of Probat-Werke, whose talk, “Brown is Not Always Brown,” offered proper roasting techniques; while Mirjam Groten and Hagung Hendrawan Trudo of Fair Trade International presented on coffee’s journey into fair trade and Fair Trade International’s work within the global coffee sector; and Evert Raymakers and Melanie Mokken of UTZ discussed the merger between UTZ and Rainforest Alliance and making sustainable farming the norm and not the exception; and Vie Reyes and Jennifer Remoquillo of the Philippine Coffee Council, spoke about the growing coffee industry in the Philippines. During his presentation, “The Coffee Journey,” Brett Anderhub of Rekerdres & Sons Insurance, covered the perilous movement from farm to cup (who knew that the concept of General Average is actually in the Bible), while Jack Steijn, chair of ISO and CEN committees on sustainable and traceable cocoa and co-founder of Equipoise, a consultancy for sustainable commodities, talked about the new ISO Standards for sustainability that will be issued in 2018, and whether or not sustainable practices that are being used in cocoa production can be applied to coffee.

Tea & Coffee World Cup Singapore also featured a broad array of interactive, skill-building coffee and tea workshops. Angela Phua and Nathan Johnston of the Australian Tea Masters ran the tea workshop, which featured classes such as basic and advanced tea cupping, aroma training, chai tea blending, and tea and food pairing. Anne Cooper of Equilibrium Roasters, based in in Melbourne, Australia, ran the coffee classes, which included introductory coffee cupping, cupping analysis tools, choosing the proper roasting system, and sensory training, where participants wore special glasses to hinder their eyesight in order to heighten their other senses. Probat and Buhler held hands-on coffee roasting workshops in alternating sessions during the three-day exhibition. sinas GmbH & Co. KG also offered a class on iced tea blending, that featured many fragrant and multi-coloured teas.

The training classes were complemented by a variety of coffee and tea cupping sessions hosted by Fairtrade, Mercanta and the Lugu Farmers Association.

Exhibitors, which included a mélange of new and returning companies, featured coffee and tea equipment manufacturers, packaging companies, tea-blending companies, as well as tea and coffee importers and exporters. A special thank you to Florapharm for sponsoring the lanyards and Mercanta for sponsoring the green coffee that was used during the roasting workshops.

Next year’s Tea & Coffee World Cup will take place 3-5 September 2018 in Birmingham, England. It is the first time the exhibition is being held in the United Kingdom and will feature more changes and new additions. Registration is now open so for more information please contact us. We look forward to seeing you there!

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