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History and Mystery of Puerh and Lupau

Puerh and Liupau are one of the least recognized teas in the western world yet these teas are the most intriguing of all teas. Learn why and how they are developed and the massive amount of research that has gone into proving their unique health benefits. Sharyn Johnston, director of Australian Tea Masters

Building the Bridge Between Tea & Coffee

Tea and coffee are too often considered complete opposites, even though they have many similarities. Join Nathan Johnston, founder and owner of Coffee Cartel Roasters and Sharyn Johnston CEO of Australian Tea Masters as they discuss the harmony between coffee and tea and how one cannot exist without the other.

Teas of Korea

Go to the origin of awesome Korean teas. Sharyn Johnston, the Founder of Australian Tea Masters Taste the different types of Korean teas, learn the growing areas, discover the unique culture of tea associated products such as ceramics ,incense and tea foods and tea ceremony in this one-hour intensive class will be perfect for people whom are especially interested in tea culture, tea travel, tea business to South Korea.

Learn the fundamentals of cupping tea in this specially prepared tea cupping masterclass.

Individual tables for beginners and advanced will be prepared to educate all levels in the examination and tasting of different teas to determine flavours including quality, taste, aroma, briskness and body. The evaluation process will cover wet leaf, dry leaf, liquor, aroma and flavour and will include the top teas from around the world.
All participants will receive individual evaluation forms.

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