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Brett Anderhub of Rekerdres & Sons to give presentation at Tea & Coffee World Cup 2017

Transportation of coffee has come a long way and helped improve outturns. But many perils still loom for coffee shippers. Brett Anderhub, senior vice president of global commodity insurer Rekerdres & Sons, will examine some of the obvious and not so obvious problems that await your shipments.

Brett Anderhub is Senior Vice President at Rekerdres & Sons Insurance Agency, Inc. a global commodity insurer. He has over 25 years in the commodity insurance business and travelled extensively to origins to examine risk and exposure first hand.

Brett holds a BA in Economics from the University of Dallas, apprenticed with Lowndes Lambert Group in London (Lloyds Broker), and earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Insurance from the World Maritime University/Lloyd’s Maritime Academy. He is an active participant in the Green Coffee Association Traffic/Warehouse Committee, as well as various committees for the Federation of Cocoa Commerce, the International Cotton Association, and the American Cotton Shippers Association and its regional affiliates.

Brett is a regular instructor at the International Cotton School in Memphis, Tennessee and Lubbock, Texas. He was awarded a Power Broker by Risk and Insurance in 2013 and holds two professional insurance designations: Certified Insurance Counselor and Certified Risk Manager.

We are very much looking forward to hearing Bretts speech in Singapore, 26-28 September. You can attend the presentation at the Conference Stage, 12:00-12:30, 28 September.

For the full list of workshops and presentations please see here. 

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