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Tea & Coffee World Cup Europe
April 25 - 27, 2010
Vienna, Austria

2010 Tea & Coffee World Cup Europe
Toasting the Success of Tea & Coffee World Cup, Vienna!
April 25 - 27, 2010 - Reed Messe Wien, Vienna, Austria

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All the hard work and dedication that went in to organizing Europe’s largest tea and coffee exhibition has paid off.
See you next year in Singapore!

April 25-27, 2010 marked the 14th Tea & Coffee World Cup Exhibition & Symposium. This year, the decision was made to hold the fair in Vienna, Austria, as this city showcases the importance of the tea and coffee culture in Europe, with its various shops, medium to large-scale roasters and packers. Vienna is also centrally located, making it a prime city for visitors and exhibitors worldwide; and is also seen as the pathway to Eastern Europe, a market most of the tea and coffee industry is looking to infiltrate.

The three-day fair was held in an adjacent hall to Gast Wien, one of Austria’s largest hotel/restaurant/catering show. The perfect accompaniment to Tea & Coffee World Cup, bringing in beverage buyers, restaurant and hotel owners, guests of Gast Wien brought in over 500 additional visitors, bringing our total to 3,000 visitors over the course of the three days.

The Exhibition
True, there are more and more industry trade shows popping up these days. While some cater to the retail aspect, some to regional specialties, others to either just tea or just coffee, Tea & Coffee World Cup successfully integrates all aspects of the trade. As the only fair with actual working equipment on the show floor, The World Cup Exhibition is the ideal place for roasters, packers and shop owners to come test out the newest machinery and gadgets. Some of our exhibitors even launched their new machinery at the exhibition, making Vienna the place to see it first and get ahead of the competition. The trade show floor was a symphony of buzzing and beeping of equipment demonstrations, frothing and foaming as manufacturers served up espressos with a smile and the clanking of one-of-a-kind cups and accessories from both local and international vendors.

With over 110 exhibitors from over 25 countries, the Tea & Coffee World Cup brought industry professionals from all corners of the world, together under one roof for the purpose of networking, closing business deals and making new contacts.

Tired of seeing the same exhibitors at every industry trade show? Not at World Cup Vienna! We strive to keep our loyal, reoccurring exhibitors coming back, while making it welcoming and worthwhile for new companies to have a presence at the largest international fair in Europe. Only at the Tea & Coffee World Cup can you visit with some of the largest, well-known companies in the world as well as smaller, entrepreneurial businesses looking to break into a new market. It is this mix of expertise, focus and specialties that ensure Tea & Coffee World Cup has something for everyone.

Special Events
For both our visitors and our exhibitors, Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna was much more than an average trade show. This year, we aimed to go above and beyond the average special events and programming, looking for new and creative ways to facilitate interaction, hands-on opportunities and education.

For the first time ever, Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna was home to the Hands-on Roasting Seminar. Here, participants got to roast coffee generously donated by our green bean sponsors, InterAmerican and The Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association. After a brief evaluation of the beans, the participants were able to obtain hands-on roasting training on a Petroncini machine, under the watchful eye of a technician and roastmaster. The class was described by participants as a “valuable experience” and “interesting to anyone in the coffee field.”

Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna was also the proud co-organizer of the symbolic Indian Tea auction. With the help of the Tea Board of India and the Darjeeling Tea Association, April 27th marked a very unique day. Visitors and exhibitors alike were invited to attend this symbolic auction, where they bid on 23 lots from the Darjeeling region of India. All teas were successfully sold to Tea & Coffee World Cup participants and proceeds donated to charity. The success of this event was attributed to the high quality tea, philanthropic cause and pure excitement of participating in a well-organized, highly entertaining, fast-paced auction. We look forward to similar exciting special events next year at Tea & Coffee World Cup Singapore taking place March 21-23, 2011.

Our interactive tastings and workshops in Vienna seemed to be the hit of the show. From specialty tea tastings by Halssen & Lyon, South American mate tastings from Las Marias and Abimate, The Tea Board of India tea sampling, Rainforest Alliance coffee tasting and Joseph Rivera’s Science of Taste Workshop, all events were standing room only. These events got participants engaged and excited to encounter hands-on experience and training from some of the tea and coffee industry’s top professionals.

Looking Ahead
A big thanks is in order for all the exhibitors, visitors and delegates who helped to make Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna a huge success. We hope everyone will join us March 21-23, 2011 for the World Cup Singapore, where our exhibition will showcase companies from Asia and around the globe; we will feature special events from past shows and highlight new ideas and unique interactive opportunities.


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